The October 16th new moon is a very special one! Everything is heightened due to the moon’s proximity to the Earth (super moon). Also, it is the set up for the second full moon this month, making it a Blue Moon. The last time this happened was in March 2018 and the next time will be in August 2021. Not that rare, but different nonetheless. What is rare, is that the full moon to this new moon will be on October 31st, a.k.a. Halloween or Samhain, which only happens once every 18 or 19 years. And in 2020 it’s a combination of the two!

Since the new moon for this event falls in the constellation of Libra, it’s all about combining the two lunar cycles. Like always, the first draw is the lesson you bring from the previous cycle (1). The second and third card will be about the (regular) monthly cycle; what are you holding on to that needs to go (2) and how will it benefit the balance of your life (3).

The cycle of the blue moon spans nearly two decades so it is about long-term focus (4) and how to keep momentum during this time (5). Another helpful tool is the connection between the two cycles (6). The final card always shows what to release during the coming full moon (7).

A seven card spread is quite a big one, but considering it combines two lunar cycles I decided to go with it anyway. Have fun and please share your outcome below or on social media (don’t forget to tag me)!

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