The November full moon comes by many different names: Beaver, Frosty, Oak or Mourning Moon. For this spread I went with Beaver Moon, for it is most connected to getting ready for winter/hibernation. Many animals are getting ready for winter, stocking up on food and fat reserves. They’re finishing and letting go off everything they don’t need while sleeping, to wake up refreshed come spring.

Because this new moon is situated in Scorpio this cycle is about transformation. We’re slowly turning our attention inwards, hibernating our energy through winter. But we need to finish up on a few things first! So what will you bring in from the previous lunar cycle (1)?

We al know sleep is restorative and a lot of things happen in the mind even though the body rests. You do have needs in winter, so what do you need to stock up on (2)? Before the body completely shuts down to rest, what do you need to finish (3) and what do you get to bring into hibernation (4)? This will all lead to transformation when you wake up (5), but not before you get to let go on the full moon on November 30th (6).

Have fun getting ready for winter and don’t forget to share your experience either below or on social media!

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