It is the last new moon in 2020 and it is (again) a special one! This new moon brings a total solar eclipse with it, enhancing and somewhat changing its energy. While both Sagittarius and an eclipse signal energetic change, specifically the eclipse asks for internal reflection before taking action. Like the moon overshadowing the sun.

Last cycle gave you a lesson (1), maybe regarding to your light. What is it that makes you shine and light up the world around you (2)? Most of us are not living their full potential, not letting their light shine like something is obscuring the rays. What causes this blockage (3)?

Luckily, we can both be self-destructive and self-healing. What do you have inside of you to support your light (4)? Notice here, that I am not asking you to find something to get rid of the shadow, as it is as much a part of you. I am hoping you are able to find a way to work with it.

This new moon starts the cycle to the last full moon of 2020 and full moons are about letting go. What is it you can let go of in this cycle, but also this solar year a.k.a. 2020 (5)? Like the entire year, this new moon could feel chaotic, which to me it seems fitting. What are your new moon/2020 feels?

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