As society would have it women need to adhere to a certain set of ‘rules’, mostly consisting of things we’re not to do. Don’t show emotion, too much skin or aging. Don’t talk about sex, cycles or feelings. Be skinny, follow the masculine lineair way of living and wear a bra! As you’ve probably noticed I don’t play by those rules. I’ve written about periods before (and probably will again), I embrace aging (something I intend to write about) and haven’t worn a bra for nearly a year now. It is quite liberating.

What consciously made me stop wearing one, was the online glorification of the moment a women got to take her bra off after a long day. The memes are endless. But I figured if taking it off felt so good, why the heck wear one in the first place?! So I stopped, just like that. Saves money to be honest.

Momma Nature made us pretty damn perfect, we have an entire network of muscles around our boobs. And these are designed to keep your breasts in place. Because of our wearing bra’s these muscles become incredibly lazy, giving room to gravity as we age. Only a year in I have no way of knowing for sure, but I’m guessing mine will not (as much). And even if they do, whatever.

Also, I get to see my boobs change during my cycle depending on the phase my body is in. It is honestly the most beautiful thing ever to (get to) know your body so well. This will regain a lost sense of admiration for the way our body is built and how smart she really is. If only we’d listen better.

The last benefit I will highlight does concern my man. Somehow bra clasps are always some sort of intricate vault lock for most men. They fumble around, getting ever more frustrated and may give in to ripping it off. And however much of a turn-on that may be, you have to get yourself a new bra. Or not! It makes reaching them nipples so much easier for your partner. Everybody wins.

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